COVID Information

We successfully and safely held camp for the past two years during COVID and we are doing it again in 2022!

We will be adhering to the guidelines – that are applicable at the time – from the State of Massachusetts and the Nashoba Board of Health who grants us our camp license, which may include: social distancing/masks (if/when mandated in crowded, enclosed areas), hand sanitizer and disinfecting surfaces, etc.

Camp will look a little different than normal. We can’t promise we will do all of our regular activities and games, however we hope to provide a place where kids can be outside and play and socialize with their friends with some sense of normalcy, and also give parents a break.

We will have to cancel if there is severe weather/heavy rain (which we normally do not do) or other weather as we are an outdoor camp and do not have enough room in the tent to gather for long periods of time with a large group with the current safety concerns.

Friday pick-up for Tom Denney campers could be at 3:00pm instead of the usual invite to friends and families to come to camp and watch the performances at 2:00pm. This will depend on whether or not visitors are allowed at camp due to COVID rules. If not, then we will video the performances and post them on a closed private Facebook page for viewing.

Regarding the Eco Adventures Thursday overnight (which normally has the campers stay overnight and leave on Friday at noon), if we cannot hold it due to safety regulations, then we will do what worked for the past two years which is to have the campers stay until 10:00pm so they are able to do most of the nighttime games and activities, and then come back to camp from 9:00am-3:00pm on Friday.

We ask for payment by May 1 so that we can plan for the summer and hire staff, etc.

Even though COVID has made life/planning unpredictable, we still have our commitments to pay bills that are needed to run camp, so after May 1 we will not be able to offer any refunds, even due to COVID related issues. Being a non-profit, we only charge what we need to run camp. A request made after May 1 will be reviewed, however it is our policy to consider any money not requested by May 1 a donation in full to the camp and will be used as a scholarship to sponsor a camper.

Parent Testimonial:
“I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you so much for all the efforts you’re all going through every day for our kids. My two boys have come home two days in a row having had a lot of fun! Until this week, they were very much avoiding masks, and to know that they are having fun with them on is so important to me, as it will help them with their school transition in the fall. This is my youngest son’s first outdoor camp experience, and so far he is enjoying himself a lot. I know that as a camp, you chose to open despite the many logistical obstacles you faced (and still do!) I want you to know that all of the efforts and countless hours of planning and organizing have not gone unnoticed by me, and I am sure many others as well. The loudest voices are often the angriest ones, but know that what you are doing through this difficult time is nothing short of amazing!” -DD