How to Register

1) Choose a program and enter your information to complete the online registration portion.
During this process you will need to also upload a Physician’s Form. It must show:

  • The name and address of the practice.
  • The visit occurred within 18 months of the camp session.
  • The child may participate in activities/is not restricted from activities (or wording to that effect).
  • Signature of the physician (electronic signature is fine).
  • List all immunizations received and they must meet the requirements of the Board of Health (check out the list in the Documents section) or complete the Immunization Exemption form.

2) Complete your registration payment.
Either pay online via credit card or send a check to Bolton Conservation Trust – TDNC, PO Box 14, Bolton, MA 01740. If you are on the wait list, then please do not pay until you are confirmed in your week by the camp. If you are on the wait list before May 1 and then get moved off the wait list after May 1, you will not be charged a late fee for registering.

3) Electronically Sign all the necessary forms.
Links will be sent in the confirmation email or are here:

Register for Multiple Weeks:
Register for one week and then email the camp ( and let us know which other weeks you would like and we will duplicate the registration for you.
When will you hear from us?
You will receive three separate confirmation emails from us:
1) Online registration portion confirmation
2) Online credit card payment confirmation (if you pay that way or you can send a check)
3) Final confirmation from the Bolton Conservation Trust Tom Denney Nature Camp that your registration is complete. This final confirmation will be sent once the above steps have been received and approved.
What if you have a question?
If you have questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website or contact the camp. The fastest way to receive an answer back is via email at Otherwise, feel free to leave a voicemail message at 978-429-3004.
To view or revise your registration, log into your account.