Registration Opens January 1

Early Bird Discount of $25 per camper per week if register before April 1.

2024 Schedule

Camp Week 1: July 1-5 (we are open July 4 & EA Late Night will be Wednesday)
Camp Week 2: July 8-12
Camp Week 3: July 15-19
Camp Week 4: July 22-26
Camp Week 5: July 29 – August 2
Camp Week 6: August 5-9
CIT/Staff Mandatory Orientation (then CITs choose 2 weeks of camp to work): June 26-28, 9am-3pm

If you are interested in coming to camp and there is a Wait List, then email the camp ( to ask about the chances of getting into the week. Things change and evolve and most of the time we are able to fit people into camp.

How To Register

1) Online portion: Log in online to enter your information via CampBrain by clicking the registration button at the bottom of the page.

2) Upload a photo of your camper for safety reasons.

3) Electronically Sign all the necessary documents on SignNow (each camper must have their own form – no siblings on the same form):

4) Remind Alert System: Sign up for the Remind Alert System to receive safety notices regarding camp. Instructions are in the About Camp-Documents section of the website.

5) Upload the Physician’s Form for your child’s latest well-visit with the doctor: It must show:

  • The visit occurred within 18 months of the camp session.
  • The camper’s name is visible on each page.
  • The name and address of the practice.
  • The child may participate in activities/is not restricted from activities (or wording to that effect).
  • Signature of the physician (electronic signature is fine).
  • List all immunizations received and they must meet the requirements of the Board of Health (check out the list in the Documents section) or complete the Immunization Exemption form.
  • Your uploaded form must be legible.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure that it is an actual form that has a signature (even an electronic one) and looks like the sample on our website: This is what the camp inspector is looking for to approve your camper. Please do not send a report that you downloaded from the medical system. It needs to be the actual form that the office produces and that you give to the school.
  • IMPORTANT: This needs to be in one document, so if you have multiple pages, then you can scan them together or use a snipping tool or other means. Do NOT upload a zip file.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you hit the “Submit” Button as well as the “Upload” button at the end.
  • IMPORTANT: Just because you have submitted paperwork does NOT mean this section is complete. Once you have completed ALL the 5 steps of the registration, then your application gets put into a queue to be REVIEWED and APPROVED.

6) Payment: Pay online via credit card or Echeck/ACH.


Late Fees (and how to avoid them):

Late Payment Fees: For a registered spot, payment must be done at the time of registration. If it is not done, then a late payment fee of $25 per registration will be added after one week. Refunds less a $50 administrative fee are available until May 1. After May 1 fees will be considered donations and used as scholarships for campers. If you are on the Waiting List, then once you are off it and offered a spot in camp, payment must be received or a late payment fee of $25 per registration will be added after one week.

Late Paperwork Fees: For both the registered and Waiting List spots, all paperwork listed above must be submitted (photo, Sign Now documents, physician’s form with immunizations) during the online registration process to complete the registration and hold your spot or a late paperwork fee of $25 fee per registration will be added after one week.

Late Remind Fees: For the registered spots, the Remind Alert System must be signed up for by each family during registration. If it is not done, then a late Remind fee of $25 per registration will be added after one week. For the Waiting List spots, you will be asked to sign-up for Remind within a week once you are given a registered spot to avoid a late Remind fee of $25 per registration.

When will you hear from us?
You will receive three separate confirmation emails from us:
1) Online registration portion confirmation
2) Online payment confirmation
3) Final confirmation from the Bolton Conservation Trust Tom Denney Nature Camp that your registration is complete. This final confirmation will only be sent once the above steps have been received, reviewed and approved. It will start with the red lettered word “Congratulations”.

What if you have a question?
If you have questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website or contact the camp. The fastest way to receive an answer back is via email at Otherwise, feel free to leave a voicemail message at 978-429-3004.

To view or revise your registration, log into your account.