(From campers and parents)

What Campers Say About Tom Denney Nature Camp

“I liked the ‘Predator-Prey’ game and the fun and funny counselors.” – JTL, Grade 3

“I really liked that the counselors play all the games with us. ‘Tracking’ was fun. I like free choice; you can do different outdoor activities every day.” – LB, Grade 1

“I loved ‘Amazon Exploration’ and toasting marshmallows over the campfire. I learned some new crafts, we went for nature hikes and they showed us plants that were in the woods.” – RA, Grade 3

“I enjoyed learning about survival in the woods. It was exciting when our group built a shelter and the counselors poured water over it to see if we got wet.” – ER, Grade 5

“Hanging out with the counselors more after camp was really awesome. We played tag, went swimming and had snacks.” – BC, Grade 4

“Kayaking in the pond and playing games in the boats was cool.” – SM Grade 8

“Sleeping in the tent after swimming in the dark and sitting around the campfire was an experience I’ll never forget.” – OB, Grade 7

“I liked being outside and playing ‘Camouflage.’ I also liked petting the soft animals that visited.” – BF, Grade 6

“I enjoyed the treasure hunt, arts and crafts and swimming.” – MM, Grade 2

“Our skit on Friday was so much fun to perform for the parents.” – DM, Grade 5

“I loved all the running games that we played, especially the ones where the whole camp played.” – GM, Grade 8

“It’s an exciting and different camp. I caught a snake; it was cool.” – CG, Grade 3 

What Parents Say About Tom Denney Nature Camp

“What magic are you using at camp?! My children absolutely love it and talk about the counselors and games all year. They even break out in camp songs singing at the top of their lungs and doing the hand movements when they see their friends.” -LR

“When I pick up my children they are so happy. They are also tired and a bit dirty which I love.” – AH

“My son gets in the car and talks non-stop all the way home about camp. This from a boy who never shares anything with me. Thank you for giving us these moments together.” -SA

“My kids LOVE the Before and After Camp Care. We only needed it one day and they had so much fun we put them in the After Care for the rest of the week!” – CB

“I wanted to say thank you for such a great week, my daughter LOVED camp and is begging me to sign her up for more weeks next year!” JL

“My daughter and I were both very happy with the camp and felt comfortable with her well-being under your care. Thank you for taking extra consideration for her food allergy. She definitely wants to come back next year!” – BL

“Our son had a terrific time. After meeting the counselors, I felt very comfortable having him join the camp. Our initial plan was to just do one week, but he loved it so much, that we made sure that he did another week. Our son is on the autism spectrum and does not usually like social interactions. He was totally made at home, right from the beginning. I would say this, if you have any doubts, please don’t. It is an amazing experience at many levels. Also, the overnight camp is the best. He still talks about it many months later.” – MM